Charity Baptist is About Jesus and His Grace

Charity Baptist is a family of believers, where Jesus is first, people are loved, and the gospel of grace is center stage. We are serious about God’s truth and Jesus’ mission. We love God and each other, we grow together in God’s word, and we seek to serve others with authentic grace and humility. Come and see Charity, experience spiritual renewal, and discover God’s heart for you!




Everyone wants a life of hope, meaning, and real love—but many people are

struggling to find it, and most are done with “religion.” Charity Baptist is a

place for people to discovered a flourishing personal relationship with

God through Jesus. We invite you to discover the same journey by visiting soon.

Don’t miss the joy of taking a truthful and careful look at the real message of Jesus.




From Pastor and Mrs. Garcia

Let’s face it—life beats us up! If you could use a breath of fresh air for your soul, you’ll be in good company at Charity. Our church is a family of broken people who love each other and love helping others discover the real message of Jesus. We would love to connect with you this Sunday and encourage your spiritual journey in God’s grace!

Connection Groups

In life we all need authentic, loving friends who encourage and value us, and who cheer us on the journey of spiritual growth. Charity is a place where diverse people are following Jesus together—they are connecting through meaningful relationships and building lifelong friendships. People have a group where they can grow as devoted followers of Jesus.


We believe real relationship and life change happens in the context of community. Our Connection Groups are held every Sunday at 10:00am. Come and join us as we learn what the Bible has to say on topics relevant to today’s life and rediscover God’s plan for growing, transforming, and using your life for His glory!


Charity Baptist Youth Ministry exists to help teens know and embrace truth in a culture full of confusion and lies. Each week on Sundays at 10:00am teens come together to deepen their faith, meet new friends, and create lasting memories.


Charity Kids is where it’s at! We love investing into our little world changers and we take great joy in telling them about Jesus! Each week there are games, prizes, music, and a Bible lesson.